The Organizing Committee of Carrera Panamericana informs

Dear Competitors,

The Organizing Committee of Carrera Panamericana informs


We are confirmed to run the Pan-Am Race as scheduled in coordination with all official Mexican authorities.


Mexico City and Puebla were two of the affected cities, but the country of MEXICO is strong and going on. Certainly, there were many human losses … we sadly regret that a member of Lalo’s family, a nephew, passed away in the quake.


We are organizing ways so teams of the Pan-Am Race can join us in giving aid. We will be sending you information to assist those who would like to become involved in relief support.


We posted a general announcement on our official website stating our efforts in giving aid and relief to those who have suffered in the earthquakes. This was announced by a message in English.


Please see it attached here:


The message stated:



The Organizing Committee of La Carrera Panamericana deeply regrets the loss of lives and damages after the devastating earthquake yesterday, September 19th, 2017. We join in the solidarity with everyone who has been affected; we call on everyone to join to the brigades of volunteers, to go to the collection centers and to be alert of the announcements of the Civil Protection authorities.


Mexico is standing strong. Everyone at La Carrera Panamericana is looking to help Mexico rebuilt and move forward with the goal of moving. In the spirit of solidarity and to continue supporting our communities, the 30th edition of the race will go on as planned and we have all the support from local governments and from the Federal Police so every participant will be safe and secure. This has been our main goal through the last thirty editions of La Carrera.


Please stay tuned through our social media channels to see how we can get involved and be aware of the latest updates.


Attached you will find some federal news and updates:


* The Federal Transportation Authority, SCT Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes


Has determined that all roads are OK. (Please see this communication attached below.) Members of our organizing committee are personally going to the affected areas to review all the designated roads for this year’s Pan-Am Race to be certain they are safe and acceptable for driving and racing.





“24 hours after the earthquake, the communications and transport infrastructure operates normally”







Policia Federal have confirmed, as in prior years, they will cover the entire competition. In fact, before the earthquakes, this year’s patrol units were already increased to provide more coverage of the race.

The safety of the Pan-Am participants has been thoroughly reviewed. Also, there is no cancellation of protection for sports events in Mexico, City.




Policia Federal will also verify all the convoy program from the Laredo border in Texas for Saturday October 7th. as planned. Please confirm if you are attending the convoy, we will like to have you a great experience in Mexico!


Additional Actions:

The Organizing Committee in cooperation with Policia Federal is reviewing the complete route.


Our Priority:   Safety of all Participants



We are ready and we’ll see you two weeks from now